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It has always been Mr. Ankul’s cherished desire and missionary zeal to teach English to students gearing up for various competitive examinations. He has always been pained by the instances around him wherein gullible students are asked by so called Grammarians to learn different grammatical concepts by trot like a parrot thereby missing the opportunity to cherish and enjoy one of the most beautiful languages whose each and every grammatical concept has a reasonable explanations behind them.

Unfortunately, when it comes to explaining and quenching the knowledge thirst of a student, more than often he/she is put off by a teacher taking refuge in the most convenient clichés i.e “EXCEPTIONS”. On the contrary, for Mr. Ankul there is nothing as “EXCEPTIONS” in English grammar. Every concept can be explained by giving reasonably concrete explanations in such a lucid and easy way that a student understands not only the troubling concept quite clearly but also becomes in a position to comprehend other related concepts as a bonus.

Here at CLASSIC CLASSES it's our consistent effort to help students score in competitive examinations more than what he/she can score by his sheer hard work.

It is a well known fact that a number of students who have passed out from CLASSIC CLASSES have achieved top ranks in various competitive examinations. However, Mr. Ankul believes it to be an unfair and unethical business gimmick to advertise students’ testimonies and photographs for commercial advantage. He rather feels humbly proud when a successful student comes and touches his feet out of gratitude and devotion. Such moments really prove his conviction in imparting education in fair and honest way and that’s the goal we at CLASSIC CLASSES will ever be pursuing.

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If your goal is to prepare English for all competitive examinations being conducted under UPSC, SSC, IBPS and various other boards and commissions in the shortest time possible, Mr. Ankul’s CLASSIC CLASSES at Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi is the institute you should look up to.

En 1glish learning has never been made so interesting and reasonable experience as under the aegis of Mr. Ankul and his highly innovative personally developed methodology. The seemingly dreaded grammatical concepts which you might have so far found to be wrapped in highly mystifying learning process and which brain refuses to understand for the simple reasons of unnecessary intricacies involved, have now been made a fun to comprehend and crack.

It is a fact that once grammar is in place, improvement in vocabulary, comprehension and descriptive skills will naturally follow.

With English as second official language and increased awareness on importance of English in career advancement and improving the job prospects, one is bound to approach English training institutes. But many of them, unfortunately, are ignorant of the proper learning system and hence are choosing wrong institutes by being entrapped in loud advertisements claiming 100% results and extensive display of successful candidates on their hoardings.

We at CLASSIC CLASSES are committed to imparting honest and useful learning experience by adopting highly innovative and personal interactive teaching methods.


We continually evaluate our students by conducting Weekly Tests every Saturday followed by personal and elaborate in-class discussion by Mr. Ankul wherein a student can interact to get all his doubts cleared on the spot.

Besides, a student is also supported and his learning is reinforced by continuous assignments specially designed to further hone the skills. So, don’t go by the fancy, loud and extensive advertisements. Just see where you can be rightly benefitted.

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